Buying a Home When Inventory is Low


Buying a Home When Inventory is Low

          Shopping for a home during times of low inventory can be very frustrating for potential buyers. When there is less inventory to choose from buyers can run into higher prices, multiple offers, less options and a feeling of settling.

          The truth is that all buyers settle no matter the price range. No two properties are alike as are no two persons tastes. It is very uncommon for a buyer to walk into a home and everything be exactly how they would like it. The good news is that most of the things that draw buyers to properties can be changed! Those kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, bathroom tile that you love; can be put in any home! Because of this it is important when shopping for property to keep in mind the things that cannot be easily changed versus those that can easily by changed. Below is a chart of some recommendations we make to our clients when shopping for property. Of course, every buyer has their own goals and somethings that may be of importance to one buyer may not be to another. To talk in more detail about your needs or to schedule a no-obligation FREE buyer consultation please contact Maryland’s Property Team!


Can’t Change

·         Location

·         Neighborhood

·         Local Amenities

·         Lifestyle

·         Square Footage

·         View

·         Waterfront Features & Depth

·         Schools

Can Change

·         Kitchen

·         Appliances

·         Countertops

·         Cabinets

·         Paint

·         Carpet

·         Tile

·         Baths

·         Wood Floors

·         Siding

·         Roof