Maryland's Property Team's Exclusive "10 Step Guide to Selling Property"!!!

      Before we begin, we realize that you may only be in the information gathering stage at this point and may not be ready for the help of a real estate agent. If you are considering interviewing agents who can successfully get your property SOLD; we would love the privilege of meeting with you! This page contains an overview of the services clients receive who select Maryland’s Property Team and Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage to represent their best interests. After review, we hope that you will consider contacting our team to schedule your FREE No-Obligation Initial Seller Consultation! To find out what your property is worth click here! Always the best!!!


Did you know we provide our services through a “Performance Representation Agreement”? What’s this mean?

  • No upfront fees!
  • We cover all marketing expenses!
  • Nothing is due until your property is SOLD!!!
  • You have the right to cancel our agreement if we do not perform as advertised!

Did you know we offer FREE No-Obligation Initial Seller Consultations? What’s Included?

  • Initial Seller Interview
    • Discuss your needs and goals
  • Review our teams exclusive “10 Step Guide to Selling Property” & Guarantee!
    • An overview of how we work together to get your property SOLD!
  • Property Valuation
    • An analysis of how your property compares to the most recent market data!
    • What’s going on in the market?
    • NET sheet- What can you expect to be left with after the sale?
      • Mortgage payoff, transfer taxes, recording fees, settlement costs, etc…
    • Customized property improvement suggestions
      • How to show your property at its best!
      • Would any improvements make sense?
      • Better to deal with items on your own terms than have inspector discover!
    • Have a decision to make about representation
      • If you like what we have to say we would love the opportunity to represent your best interests and get your property SOLD!!!
      • If you would like to go in another direction we wish you the best and if anything changes in the future, we will always be here to help!


Introduction to Our Team's "10 Step Guide to Selling Property"!



Step 1- “Our Initial Seller Consultation”

Discuss your goals and any concerns you may have

What are you looking for in a real estate agent?


Step 2- “Establishing Current Market Value”


A detailed look at your properties features

Strategically setting a list price


Step 3- “Getting the Property & Yourself Ready for the Market”


Establishing buyer’s expectations of selling standards

Appealing to today’s buyer


Step 4- “Marketing Your Property”


Maximizing both innovative and traditional forms of marketing

The support of Coldwell Banker, #1 in sales & volume for the 20th straight year


Step 5- “What the Market is Saying”


What are potential buyer’s saying about your property?

Keeping you informed of what is going on in the market


Step 6- “Negotiating the Purchase Agreement”


Informing you of negotiation strategies

Structuring the offer to your advantage


Step 7- “Planning from Contract to Closing”


Informing you of important dates & deadlines

Access to our network of real estate related services


Step 8- “Guiding the Sale to Closing”


Track completion of all contingencies

Any help that you may need


Step 9- “Completing the Transaction”


What to expect at settlement

At the end of settlement your property will be sold!


Step 10- “Service After the Sale”


Being available for any real estate needs your friends, family or self may have!

Always the Best!!!