Maryland's Property Team

Step 9- Settlement

10 Step Guide to Selling Property

  • At the end of settlement your property will be SOLD!
  • Notify you of what to bring to settlement
  • Funds forwarding location
  • It is common to have the proceeds wired to your account
  • Photo ID- needed to verify your identity
  • Checkbook- Just in case
  • Receipts for completed work
  • Keys
  • Mailbox access details
  • Garage remotes
  • Warranties
  • Manuals
  • Service contracts
  • Anything else that transfers with the sale
  • The settlement company’s responsibilities
  • Prepare all documents to transfer title
  • Deed
  • Settlement statement
  • Witness all parties signing of documents
  • Exchange all necessary funds
  • Release all liens you had on the property
  • Provide all parties with copies of the settlement documentation
  • Ensure that the buyer's title is properly recorded in the local records office
  • When all documents are signed & funds exchanged, the property is SOLD!!!

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